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Crafting a Safer Web3 Environment for Everyone

Lightning Audit

Elevate Your Security Standards, Elevate Your Business

Uncover Vulnerabilities, Safeguard Your Contracts

Discovering Vulnerabilities

Identifying system weaknesses to enhance security.

Reporting Security Flaws

Notifying about cybersecurity breaches for prompt response

Resolving Problems

Taking action to address vulnerabilities and protect systems.

Precise Findings
Get your code rigorously reviewed by Lokicheck's team of highly experienced security experts, renowned for auditing thousands of codes. Ensure the utmost security for your code.
Actionable Insights
Get comprehensive reports with findings and actionable recommendations to address vulnerabilities.
Supreme Versatility
Harness the power of Lokicheck's comprehensive language and ecosystem coverage, coupled with accelerated onboarding options tailored to your project's code size.

| Why Lokicheck

Don't gamble with your smart contracts! Get peace of mind and protect your digital assets today. Choose Security, choose Reliability, choose Success.
Enjoy faster, safer, and highly precise results completed in as little as 10 days.
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| How Lokicheck Works

Seamless setup in a few clicks

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Reserve An Audit

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Review all Vulnerabilities in Intermediate Report

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Perform a Remediation Check with Final Report

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Receive Certification & Complementary Promotion

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How We Audit

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| What's new?

What's new about Lokicheck?


AI-Augmented Analysis

Human in the loop evaluation for efficiency and accuracy.


Uncovering Zero-Day Risks

Our expert team discovers hidden weaknesses & exploits.

Boost your productivity.
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