Terms & Conditions

The procedural outcomes and reports from Lokicheck neither pronounce endorsements nor disapprovals of any distinct project or team entity. The constructed reports present no correlation with the financial evaluation or potential viability of a client's asset that solicits Lokicheck's security examination.

It is imperative to discern that Lokicheck's reports confer no warranty, express or implied, regarding the invulnerability of the scrutinized technology from bugs. These reports make no assumptions or implications about the legality, business erudition, or propriety of the analyzed technology's proprietors.

Lokicheck's reports are emphatically not an investment guide and should not be interpreted as such. They are devoid of any advisory function and are not to be utilized as a prime source to make investment conclusions or determine project involvement.

The production of our reports follows an intensive security analysis process. This is performed with the intention to assist our clients in amplifying the quality of their codebase while diminishing the risk levels synonymous with cryptographic tokens and nascent blockchain technology.

Given the dynamic and high-risk nature of blockchain technology and cryptographic assets, Lokicheck posits that each entity, corporate or individual, holds its own accountability for performing meticulous due diligence and instituting continuous security mechanisms.

Through Lokicheck's suite of services, we pledge to minimize system susceptibility to attack vectors and the inherent instability associated with emerging and incessantly developing technologies. However, we explicitly renounce any assertion of security assurance or functionality of the subjected technology for analysis.

Our continuous development is a reminder of the dependencies of Lokicheck's deliverables and services. Our functionality is subject to these dependencies.

By leveraging Lokicheck's services, you fully accept the usage terms are solely risk-based and provided assets are offered on an 'As Is', 'Where Is', and 'As Available' foundation.

In the realm of emergent technologies, cryptographic tokens are replete with technical uncertainties and risks. Lokicheck takes no responsibility for any false positives, false negatives, or unanticipated results presented in the assessment reports. Our services depend on, and occasionally access, resources provided by third-party layers.

We remind you that smart contracts deployed on the blockchain are not immune to internal or external illegitimate exploits. Elevated ownership privileges pose a heightened risk to any smart contract's security and safety. Therefore, regardless of the audit verdict, Lokicheck disclaims any warranty, express or implied, of the comprehensive security of the audited smart contract.